ArtAbout July 2015: Improvisational Electronic Music

This was the return of Lights of Zetar, an ambient sound/improvisational project that has been in stasis for a few years. Here's a partial list of some of the electronic toys we used:

  • A circuit bent toy keyboard
  • A Gakken SX-150 synthesizer - an extremely simple kit, no soldering required. I don't think it even took an hour to put together.
  • A Thingamagoop 2 noise machine, also built from a kit
  • A Weevil08 noise machine. Not a kit, but Tom Bugs makes some of his devices available as kits and as modular synthesizer units.
  • A Moody Sounds Baby Box. This can be used either as a sound source or sound processor.
  • A MicroDEC programmable stereo effects processor, built from a kit. It came with a very nice custom case from BoxEnclosures
  • A Korg Kaossilator Pro looper/synthesizer
  • A number of effects pedals, including a 1970's vintage Foxx Fuzz-Wah-Volume pedal (which has apparently been reissued), a couple of old Small Stone phaser pedals (sorry, that first page is pretty difficult to read...), and a Headrush delay/loop pedal.