Mario (Re-)Themed Love Letter

My boys have been on an extreme Super Mario Bros kick lately, and I've been seeing lots of re-themes for the board game Love Letter.  We're going camping this 4th of July, and I always like to bring outdoor-appropriate games, so I decided we should try to build a Super Mario Brothers version of Love Letter.  Instead of cards, though, I wanted to use tokens.  These I thought would work better outside, and shuffling just involves throwing them in a dark bag and shaking.

First we created some artwork and printed it out on sticker paper.  We picked up a bag of blank wooden disks from the local hobby store.

We then cut out the fronts and backs and stuck them to the disks.  A couple layers of Mod Podge later and we were good to go!

Each token has its value displayed in gold and its "action" displayed by a simple icon.  The icon allows my 6 year old to easily remember what each character does.  With only eight different characters, though, memory should set in pretty quickly.

Someone was playing with the camera while the Mod Podge was drying.  I suspect the above mentioned six year old.

Time to play test!  Everything works great: the tokens are small enough to fit in hand, the artwork is easily recognizable, and the actions are simple enough for the youngest players to understand.  It's going to be fun in the forest!