Visualized Sound and Bicycle Art, Exhibition May 2014

This May, Davis Makerspace put on a group exhibition during Davis's ArtAbout.  Some pieces celebrated National Bike Month, and others had more to do with visualized music and Glitch Art

The bicycle themed pieces were made from bicycle parts.  Some conveyed cyclist perspectives, exploring the social impact of bicycles, and some recreated a cyclist’s experience of travel and weather. Visitors were invited to try their own hand at making miniature zoetrope animations with paper insets. 

Josiah Andrew’s collection of pieces “Seeing Song: The Alchemical Metamorphs” is built around music that capitalizes on pitch and rhythm glitches in audio software.  The music is then visualized on canvas and video, creating colorful and electric abstraction.  

Thank you to Braden Pellett for photo documentation.

Organizer's Note: As word is spreading about the creativity and knowledge shared at DMS, more folks are visiting with increasing anticipation.  The enthusiasm and enjoyment expressed by visitors is encouraging and reminds us of the positive environment we are creating in the community.  I encourage everyone who enjoys DMS to donate in support of future events and workshops.  You can do this online on our front page.  Thank you community of Davis, CA!



Josiah Andrew’s audio visualizations on canvas:


Josiah Andrew’s audio visualizations made into video, between DMS's super-sized VU meter:


A side view of the bicycle-wheel zoetrope by Emily Schleiner:


The animation inside of the zoetrope is of Dora Rinehart, one of the first woman cyclists. To see the zoetrope in motion, click here.


A 3D printer was on and printing a vase with 8 handles, a shape chosen by a young visitor.


Here, a bicycle wheel is used as a projection surface.  The footage is of a bicycle round-about on UCD campus.


This "Cycle Goggles" sculpture explores the all-consuming relationship with weather patterns that cyclists have.  Tumultuous video of cyclists riding through dramatic weather plays inside the eyes of the goggles.


Rope with a sunbeam lighting it, an example of the equipment and materials populating Davis Makerspace.