Event: Video Games, Past and Today

game controllers image
This event featured the work of local game designers along with blasts from the past in the form operating Atari and Super Nintendo game systems, and also focused on the process of video game creation.  Thank you to everyone who contributed their time, $, equipment, and enthusiasm, especially Bill Kendrick, Conrad Fey, and Jim Stewart.
(above) Bill Kendrick demonstrating how he has developed some of his own Atari games.
(above) Conrad Fey explaining his development process.
(above) Visitors enjoying a vintage Super Nintendo game system.
(above) A 1982 Vectrex game system, which has an integrated vector monitor displaying vector graphics.
(above) An Atari 800XL computer (1983, 8-bit 6502 CPU), and it has device sitting on top of it (bare board, no case) that acts as a floppy disk drive simulator, and takes modern SD cards for storage. On the right is the Atari Lynx handheld (1989, also 6502, FWIW).