Poster for Mindfulness and Computing Workshop.
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This was the return of Lights of Zetar, an ambient sound/improvisational project that has been in stasis for a few years. Here's a partial list of some of the electronic toys we used:
pic of father/daughter watching a rocket!
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In preparation for a series of workshops and events on rockets (spring & summer 2015), Davis Makerspace invited ArtAbout visitors to use a push-button rocket-launcher built by Tim Feldman.    
game controllers image
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This event featured the work of local game designers along with blasts from the past in the form operating Atari and Super Nintendo game systems, and also focused on the process of video game creation.
dms lighting, dramatic
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The classy lighting in DMS.  See below:
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This May, Davis Makerspace put on a group exhibition during Davis's ArtAbout.
DMS's Geography Exhibit
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  In March of 2014, DMS did an exhibit on geography that included works of sculpture/book-binding, large-scale origami, aerial photos, and a video tour of Davis. 
3D Printing Workshop at Davis Makerspace
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  November's 3D Printing Workshop led by Mick Balaban Apps used include:
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...but I can't quite put my finger on it.
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On Sunday, November 10th, Dave Iriguchi of Iriguchi Ukuleles gave a lecture and demonstration on ukuleles.
Drums hang from the ceiling at the Davis Makerspace
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This past Friday, September 13, Davis Makerspace presented “Strange New Attractor”, an exhibition featuring displays from the newly formed community of builders, hackers and artists.  
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I built this okedo style taiko drum this summer, using the Davis Makerspace facility to do much of the work on the body.  The completed drum includes a painted PVC shell, and rope tensioned cow-hide heads.  It is...
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My boys have been on an extreme Super Mario Bros kick lately, and I've been seeing lots of...
metal flower sculpture on fire
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Some of Davis Makerspace came to San Mateo to see and participate in a weekend-long regional event called Maker Faire.  This Northern California flavored event is a time...